#5. What I Eat in a Week

I regularly get asked what I eat... and considering I spend the majority of my time thinking about what I'm going to eat - my mind goes blank when I'm asked! This means that I say random food items "Umm... beans, lentils, pasta, fruit & vegetables". Yeah, that sounds fantastic. I don't know why I don't say "Well... I eat normal food like... "

My friend said that it was useful to look through my Instagram photos to get an idea of what I do eat and that the food looked amazing! However, she said it would be useful to see how that pans out over the course of a week. Come to think of it, I regularly see 'What I eat in a day' videos, but rarely what people eat in a week.

Most days I only manage to eat fruit for breakfast (or Avo Toast) at the weekend. That's normally because I like to snooze my alarm! If I get up early enough, I have just enough time to make some Turmeric Porridge. I'm not going to lie though... it is mainly fruit as t's easy to munch on the go. We also tend to go through weeks where we eat the same meals and it can seem quite boring, but cooking more than you need is ace as you get leftovers you can take to work for dinner.

So rambling over and lets get to the important part... here's what I scranned last week:

 Butter Bean Stew

Butter Bean Stew


Brunch - Beans on Toast

Tea - Butter Bean Stew, sauteed Kale, 2 Linda's Sausages, Avo and Bulgur Wheat some Tahini drizzled over!

Snacks - Banana



Breakfast - Turmeric Porridge with frozen Berries, Sultanas & ground Flax Seeds

Dinner - Leftover Butter Bean Stew with Bulgur Wheat & 1 Linda's Sausage

 Linda's Shredded Duck. I can't even describe how amazing this meal was!

Linda's Shredded Duck. I can't even describe how amazing this meal was!

 & Tea- Linda's Shredded Duck with 2 Tortilla's. I also sautéed Pak Choi and sliced Cucumber and Spring Onions for the wrap. Lots of Hoisin Sauce drizzled over it. We also had a cheeky box (or 2) of those Micro Chips! This meal was amazing - if you haven't already tried it then you need to!



Breakfast - 1 Banana & a Chocolate Chip Flapjack (Dove's Farm - they sell these at work & they're really good)

Dinner - Falafel butty (Urban Eat... not bad - bit dry) and a Miso Soup

 'Cheesy' Pasta - This was pretty fit to be fair!

'Cheesy' Pasta - This was pretty fit to be fair!

Tea - 'Cheesy' Pasta cooked with Frozen Spinach, Cauliflower & Sweetcorn. Served with sautéed Kale, Mushrooms & Cashew Cheese from The Pasta Factory - so good!



No time for breakfast!

Dinner - Leftover Cheesy Pasta

Tea - I was so hungry! Falafel Burger & Chips from Expo Lounge (Loungers - a chain with a full vegan menu) - its SO good. I even finished off Mr B's meal (oops!)



 You can't beat a load of hummus & veggies!

You can't beat a load of hummus & veggies!

Breakfast - 1 Kiwi & 1 Banana

Dinner - Leek & Potato Soup from the Greenhouse Café with a slice of Bread and a Cashew Nakd Bar.

Tea - Quesadilla's & Sweet Potato Fries from The Deaf Institute (I seriously love the food here - the head chef, Charlie, is vegan and makes some seriously fit food). Also had 2 pints of vegan beer!  



No breakfast - I can't eat before the gym!

Dinner - 1 hot Pitta stuffed with Red Pepper Hummus, cooked Mushrooms, Romaine Lettuce, sliced Cucumber and Sprouted beans. Scranned this with an extra dollop of Hummus & sliced Red Pepper with a Miso Soup).

Tea - Butter Bean Stew with sauteed Swiss Chard, Brown Rice and 2 of Linda's Rosemary sausages). I was still slightly hungry after this so had a tiny bit more!

Snacks - Half a vegan Pecan Brownie (from Alpine Tea Rooms - so good!) and some Grapes. 



Brunch - Avocado on Toast with Mushrooms, Sauerkraut and Franks Hot Sauce (standard weekend brunch!)

Tea - Indian Takeaway from Sanskruti! We had Mushroom Rice, Naan, Mushroom Palak, Bateta nu Shaak (Potatoes cooked with Curry Leaves & other spices) and also some Aloo Tikki (Masala stuffed Potato Patties). Seriously good and a great end to the week.

Snacks - Hummus and Pitta

This week was pretty social, hence the double whammy of eating out. All this good food is washed down with still water and tea (with Soya) and the odd Soya Latte. I typically only drink about 2-3 hot drinks per day and the rest is water. I hope this post is useful and I'll definitely do a few more of these so you can see how I eat over the course of a few weeks. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this though - am I eating enough or too much? Any vital nutrients I'm missing? Feel free to comment :)

Lots of love,

Definitely Vegan