Guest Post #5. Little Nibble's journey into Veganism!

"I had a total revelation, the choice of food at VegFest was so incredible, there was everything you could want, if all of that food was vegan then why the fuck wasn’t I vegan. That was it, I was going vegan".

 Taken from  @smeeeff

Taken from @smeeeff

Veganism for me came from out of nowhere, all my life I’ve been a meat eating cheese fiend from a family of traditional potatoes, meat and gravy fans. For years I’d considered myself a but of a hippy and an environmentalist but didn’t think about my food choices, ever. About 3 years ago I really cut down on my fish intake, I used to live on tuna, I ate tuna with everything, but I started to really consider what my love for tuna was doing to the planet, I’m obsessed with the sea (dolphins and whales in particular), after a little bit of googling I swore off net caught tuna and exclusively ate line and pole tuna - conscience clear, for now. It wasn’t long after I ditched the net tuna that I became obsessed the Sea Shepherds and the amazing work that they do to protect the seas, then you guessed it, I quit tuna for good, I couldn’t bear that I was upsetting the balance of the ocean simply because I liked the taste of fish. Looking back, this was a huge alert that veganism was on it’s way… I was, however completely clueless. 

I’ve been writing Little Nibble for two and a bit years now, it started off as a place to share what I ate as a sufferer of wheat intolerance, people would forever be telling me that it must be so hard to stick to a wheat free diet so me being me, I decided to show them how easy it was. It was from my love of food, that a friend of mine gave me tickets to VegFest. VegFest is a vegan festival that travels around the country showing off how good vegan food is, cookery demos and talks about veganism/activism. I won’t lie, I went for the food tasters… I was not ready for the revelation that I had after VegFest… I enjoyed the day and all of the food so much that I sat there that evening thinking everything over, I love animals, I want to help the environment as much as possible, all that food I ate was amazing. I had a total revelation, the choice of food at VegFest was so incredible, there was everything you could want, if all of that food was vegan then why the fuck wasn’t I vegan. That was it, I was going vegan. 

I immediately stopped buying any animals products and proceeded to use up everything in my kitchen, I couldn’t bring myself to throw things away, that felt more wasteful. It was around this time that I smothered myself in vegan documentaries. Cowspiracy was my go to film to remind myself why I was doing this, I’d watch it every other week just to prove to myself that my decisions were worth sticking to. Naturally, I chose to start being vegan before Christmas but I couldn’t bring myself turn my families Christmas on it’s head by arriving home and announcing that I’ve become vegan. Instead I cut down all the animal products over the Christmas holiday and becoming completely strict when I was back in control of my food upon my return to Glasgow. 

I can’t lie to you and say that it’s been easy, I’ve had so many highs and lows. That first Christmas, before I really even went vegan I already felt awful for eating turkey, it really didn’t take long for me to feel guilty. However, every now again, even now, I get the pang of “I want to eat some cheese” and I have to sit and remind myself that my decision to live a vegan, compassionate life isn’t about my wants and needs, it’s about what the planet needs from us. This is what I think every time someone rolls their eyes when I say I don’t want to eat that piece of chocolate, or when someone assumes that because I’m vegan I’m telling them that they need to go vegan, I take a deep breath and remember my very personal reasons for taking this path.

 Photograph taken from  @smeeeff

Photograph taken from @smeeeff

There are loads of perks of being vegan, I feel like I have a clear conscience, I’m living a life that I truly believe in. I’ve also become more obsessed with food, not in a weird way, more to ensure that I’m getting the nutrients that I need and to really be healthy, I try not to eat too much processed food and cook from scratch as much as possible. I’ve also managed to basically cure my wheat intolerance, now, I’m not saying that a vegan diet has cured my intolerance but I do think that by giving my body what it actually needs for fuel, I’ve been able to let my body recover and heal itself. Food really is medicine and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 

Going vegan has changed my life. I now, 1 year and 8 months in, couldn’t imagine living any other way. Yes I’m still using my old leather goods, I can’t think of anything more wasteful than throwing them away, but everything new that comes into my life is 100% vegan and therefore full of compassion. It’s also changed my whole outlook on life, I don’t buy anywhere near as much stuff, I have a one in one out system for my shoes, I’ve given away loads of my unused goods on Freecycle. I’m amazed at how far I’ve gone to live a more simple, friendly life. I could not recommend cutting down on wasteful activities from how you eat to what you buy, it’s all so important. 

Amy (Little Nibble) 

 Photo taken from  @smeeeff_photography

Photo taken from @smeeeff_photography


So there you have Amy's story and wasn't it an interesting one! I can personally relate to being a meat loving cheese fiend and finding my way through the first few months of being vegan. You can follow Little Nibble on all the usual social media platforms here:

 You can also follow Amy through her Blog where she adds recipes, reviews food and beauty products and shares her fitness journey! Go and give her a follow and say hi, you won't regret it. She's a lovely lass and I reckon she'd be a laugh to hang out with :) 

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